I hate selfie sticks.

  I hate selfie sticks.  Yes I do.  I’ve had Japanese tourists, little kids, and just about everyone else invade my personal space with the damned things.  Ha.  Rant over.  On to the blog.   After touring around Europe the last few weeks, I’ve come to a few conclusions.  There are people out there just […]

Water, the ADA, and dying of old age.

Water, the ADA, and dying of old age.  This is a hodgepodge of things that have happened in restaurants while we have been in Europe.  If you are traveling over here any time soon, you should definitely read this. Water.  That wonderful ubiquitous liquid in the United States.  Over here, it’s like gold.  I have […]

Money, money, money, money. Money!!!

I always get the question, “How much cash should I take when I visit ___________?” I always answer, “It depends.” Some people are comfortable carrying cash while others would rather wait until they get to their destination and withdraw money.  Others aren’t very trusting of using their credit cards overseas or withdrawing money at ATMs. […]

Travel Apps

Isn’t there an app for that?  Ummmmmmmm.  Yup.  The evolution of apps is amazing.  Especially for traveling. What kind of apps do you need/want/desire when traveling? Here’s a short list: Photography Email Communication Social Media Language Translation Financial Management Entertainment Navigation NOTE:  I’m going to focus on iPad and iPhone since that’s what we’re taking […]