All the time people say things like, “You are so lucky since you get to travel so much” or “I wish I could travel.”  It’s honestly doesn’t have to be that expensive to travel the world.  In the weeks to come, we’ll give you some tips on how to travel cheap.  Not free of course but we can let you know how we saved thousands of dollars by focusing our day to day spending on travel.

Here are some pages I would definitely look into before hitting the road:  Airbnb is the new way to get a local experience while traveling.  You can also get some great deals.  Instead of taxis, give these disruptive business people a look.  Download the app and click a few buttons and you can save money getting from point a to point b.  This page is for someone that wants to travel and only take a backpack.  Although they are heavy into traveling in Europe, there are helpful hints for anyone.  This is a search page.  🙂


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