It’s always exciting when people visit us here in New Mexico. It’s especially exciting when someone comes from almost 6,000 miles to see us! We met the Camargo (Rui, Wania, Gustavo and Ricardo) family on a cruise a few years ago out of Galveston. It’s been super enriching to have them in our lives. One of the first things Gustavo said to us when we were from Albuquerque was “Breaking Bad was filmed there!” When I retired we took a cruise from Spain to Brazil and paid a visit to the Camargos. And now it was time for Gustavo to visit us.

Since Gustavo is such a huge movie and TV buff I talked him into visiting some places here in Albuquerque and then hitting the road to Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon and Las Vegas.

Car Wash from Breaking Bad

In front of Walter White’s house
Gustavo Cooking Meth

After the whirlwind tour in Albuquerque, we hit the road. We drove up to the Four Corners (Utah, New Mexico, Colorado and Arizona meet here) and then on to Monument Valley.

Monument valley has been the backdrop for many movies, including the place where Forest Gump turned around.


Then on to Vegas! It’s interesting that there is NO gambling in Brazil. So this was totally a new experience for Gustavo. And he loved it. We taught him how to shoot craps and he rolled like a rookie on fire!!! People were clapping for him because he kept winning them money. It really was a great time. Thank you Gustavo.

Saying Goodbye to Gustavo


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