I’m not sure why I didn’t finish up with the last part of Trip of a Lifetime 1.0. Laziness perhaps?

We went from 100-degree heat in the summer in Rio to 30 degrees in Albuquerque and it was a shock to the system. Christmas was right around the corner and we had to adjust. Fast.

Now I want to go back and recap the fabulous conclusion of our vacation. Brazil.

Where to even start?

We were still on the cruise from Barcelona when we stopped in Recife. By the way, don’t even try to pronounce most words in Brazil. The Rs are Hs. It’s not Rio. It’s Hio. That’s just one letter that is way, way different in Portuguese.

Recife was a nice coastal town that was like Cleveland on the coast. It’s a beautiful place but has had its share of crime and negligence but was trying to make a comeback. We were with our newfound friends Dan and Maru. Since Maru was from Argentina and had done some traveling to Brazil, she was the interpreter.


After that, we got back on the ship and continued to Rio de Janeiro.

It was a little disappointing in Rio since we only had the one day there with Dan and Maru. It was cloudy. Reina and I would continue on the cruise to Sao Paulo but would fly back to Rio in a couple of weeks. We went up Sugarloaf Mountain (Pão de Açúcar in Portuguese) but couldn’t see due to cloud cover.

I thought I was going to write a long post about Brazil but I have to break it up. Just too much information with Sao Paulo and Rio. Next post soon.

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