A 16 night transatlantic cruise.  At first, I’ll have to admit, I was a little worried that something similar to Jack Nicholson in The Shining may happen.  I was worried that we would run out of things to do at sea or we would grow bored.  Absolutely is not happening.  We reach Recife Brazil in about 36 hours and we had to take a “chill day” because we were honestly staying too busy.  Here’s the lineup for day 11 of the cruise.  We woke up and watched a movie in the room.  Reina then went to the gym for a treadmill workout.  I went to play leg 4 of 5 of the 5 day trivia challenge.  We call our trivia team AGUA because we have people from Argentina, Germany, the United States, and Australia.  We range in age from 20s (Maru from Argentina) to mid 60s (Steve from San Antonio Texas).  We are formidable.  Ha. 

We all ate lunch together because we’ve grown close.  On a 16 night cruise you have time to really get to know the fellow passengers and crew.  It’s been wonderful.  After lunch, Reina went for a spa visit and I’m typing this blog.  Tonight we are participating in the King Neptune toga party.  That’s a ceremony for all of us polywogs who are yet to cross the equator on a ship.  Supposed to be a big deal.  I’ll post pics once the ceremony has taken place.  We are supposed to cross over into the Southern Hemisphere early tomorrow morning at around 0100.
As we’ve sailed south, the temps have gotten much warmer.  The days have been very balmy, usually around 27 degrees (82 fahrenheit).  I’ve taken some pretty good naps around the pool.  Ha.  Here are a few things I’ve learned about the transatlantic cruises.
1.  If you want to truly test your addiction to the Internet, this is the place.  To subscribe two devices to the Wifi plan, it was something like $480 for the cruise.  Yeah right.  I’d rather go without.  It’s actually been nice.  I haven’t heard any news of a killing or a riot or anything else that is sad.  On the down side, I’ve not been able to post pics or words on Facebook.  I will catch up though.
2.  Being gone for a month makes you miss the local food in the United States.  I would kill for a decent green chile breakfast burrito right now. Ha.  They have had food from everywhere on the cruise but when they try to duplicate United States food, they get close but it’s different.
3.  No news.  That’s right.  We haven’t had a CNN or BBC news feed in a week.  No depressing murders.  No BS about the presidential nominees.  It’s been truly wonderful.  We’ve had the ability to truly decompress.  This is what I wanted post retirement and it has been great.  I have heard a few bits and pieces from my friends with the high dollar internet.
Recife is next.  The town of Olinda is supposed to be a former prison turned into an art colony.  I’ll report after that.

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