I write this blog while sitting in my Airbnb apartment in Rome.  The nicest and most quaint apartment I have ever stayed in.  It’s around 100 years old and it’s like traveling back in time.  If you could stay in Ricky and Lucy’s apartment, this would be very similar.  There are a few modern conveniences such as a flat panel TV and a wireless routher but other than that this place is a blast from the past.
A few things about Rome.  It is a beautiful city.  The people here seem passionate and everyone talks with such emphasis.  The ancient Roman structures are kind of hard to comprehend when we in the United States are so new in the game and something old to us would pale in comparison to just about anything here.  Some of these structures are around 2,000 years old.  That is amazing.
One of the better stories I’ve seen here happened by accident.  We were near one of the many piazzas in town and we thought we would head down a certain street and Reina said, “I don’t like when nobody else in walking on the sidewalk.  It seemed like an empty block.  We went forward.  We turned the corner and you could tell something was going on and it was profound.  There was a massive pile of flowers.  I immediately thought we had happened upon a funeral.  But something was different.  People weren’t dressed for a funeral.  Most were not talking.  Most were looking down.  Some looked like they were crying.  There were camera crews around interviewing people.  Paris.  We were right in front of the French Embassy in Rome.  The city was mourning for it’s European sister.  People were lighting candles and putting flowers as a show of respect for their fellow Europeans who were killed in a senseless terror attack just a few days ago.
Just thinking about it and I get a lump in my throat.
It makes me wonder what happened on 9/11/01.  I’m sure there was a similar display outside our embassy.  It touches me to think that cities are like people.  We’ve seen whole blocks where candles adorn the windows of every apartment.  This busy city has time to stop and pay respects for unknown people.  What a remarkable place.  Thank you Rome.  You help me continue my faith in mankind.

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