Get lost.  You’ll love it.  Believe it or not, Reina and I try to find some place that is way off the beaten path.  Away from the people trying to sell you selfie sticks or trinkets.  The place where the locals are shopping and eating.  We find that there’s a great experience waiting there.

Here’s what happened.  I was so fascinated by the Berlin Wall.  That symbol of oppression was so evident in my early military career.  In the mid 80s the enemy was “Ivan.”  We learned about Soviet weaponry, aircraft and tanks.  The wall was still up in 1987 when President Reagan made his famous speech for Gorbochev to “tear down this wall.”  Since it was such a turbulent time, and the Russians were the enemy, the wall has always stuck in my brain as something to see.  And I wanted to check out East Germany.  So Reina and I got on a bus facing into the former Democratic Deutchland Republic, also known as East Germany.  We got on the bus and rode it until we couldn’t ride in any more.  It just stopped and the bus driver came up to the second floor and told everyone it was the end of the line.  Hahaha.  We left the bus and went walking.  We found a nearby trolley and got on it and found a cafe zone in Berlin.  You could tell this was what we were looking for in a neighborhood.  People were going about their business.  Not a lot of tourists were around.  We ate at a Doner Kabab.  Wonderful restaurant.
Then we walked around a local flea market for awhile.  We were lost and loving it.

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  1. Love your getting lost on the bus idea!!!! We take the subway to a distant neighborhood and then spend the day trying to walk back to someplace we know and along the way we discover all sorts of charming places. Berlin history is unique. No other city has been through what they’ve been through. Enjoy, you guys!!!

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