Paris is such a beautiful place. Watching Reina’s reaction, although a little toned down due to sleep deprivation, when we first arrived here, is priceless. The small outdoor cafes, the architecture, the history. An amazing place.
Here’s a few random thoughts after the first day or so:
Once we arrived at Orly Airport, our initial plan went south immediately.  We had originally followed Google’s advice and started looking for something called the Ouibus. Never found it and most of the local people hadn’t either. So we had to find out how to get downtown. We found a local tram that took us to the Paris Metro and it was a quick ride into town. Before you travel to any destination, I would recommend download that city’s subway app. Most have them. And I would 100% recommend app. You can download local maps and use them offline (no internet connection) to map your location.
After we arrived, we checked into our Airbnb apartment. Here’s a pic of our place:
It is a very nice place but it’s tiny. But we didn’t come on this trip to stay in an apartment. Haha. The price is great for Central Paris) and location cannot be beat.
A few random observations.  Competition is fierce for your money here in Paris. This is the offseason and every place isn’t over full. So you will see the cafe owners out in front of their place of business actively trying to lure you in to eat. Not what we’re used to in the United States. They were never aggressive. More like, “Look what I have to offer you.”  This was all happening in the Latin Quarter.
People all over the place were also trying to take your money.  Everything from hand held glow in the dark helicopters for the kids, to roses, to wine and beer being carried around near the Eiffel Tower. That’s something I warn everyone about. Don’t be intimidated by sales tactics. A simple “no” or a nod of the head has always worked for us. But it is different.
Overall we had an excellent first day in Paris. Looking forward to today.

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  1. Enjoy Paris!! What an awesome experience for you both. I would like to go back to Europe now that I make a little more ‘scratch’. E-4 pay didn’t go very far….even back in the day. Anyway, the Louvre is ABSOLUTELY worth it as is: a boat ride on the River Seine, the Notre Dame Cathedral, and the Sacre Coure Cathedral. The Arc de Triumph and the Champs de Elysse will be a must for you avid bicyclists also. Have fun, but please be careful.

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