We are road tripping for the weekend and thought I’d try out the blogging thing from the iPad.  I’ve seen many travel blogs simply die on the vine.  It is going to take discipline to post every day or two on this thing.  I’m already finding a couple of limitations on the App (Blogtouch Pro) that I don’t normally encounter on the laptop.  The app interfaces with WordPress and is easy to use.  However, with ease of use comes a downgrade in what you can do.  
So, until I can figure this out, you are going to get words and pics.  Haha.  
Today in Red River was outstanding.  About 20 degrees cooler than Albuquerque.  Lots and lots of Texans here for the three day weekend.  Red River was also celebrating Oktoberfest.  As we walked along the town, you could hear the Oom Pah, Oom Pah of a tuba in the band.  Ha.  
We ate at a steak house called Texas Reds.  The food was okay.  Elijah had filet mignon and that was outstanding.  The fried okra was to die for.  However, the service was lacking.  I’m not sure what you have as a pet peeve, but if the waiter/waitress doesn’t pay attention to your drink levels, that’s it.  haha.  
Overall it was a great day here in Red River.  As the sun went down, the temperature cooled off to the high 40s.  That’s chilly.  
Oh yeah, the Texas Longhorns defeated the Oklahoma Sooners in the Red River Shootout.  My Longhorns have not been that great this year but they got it done today.  Hook em!!!

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