A lot of people misunderstood when I said I was going to “Backpack Europe.”  My bad for not being more clear.  We are using backpacks as suitcases.  We are not in any way hiking around Europe.  Ha.  I’m soon to retire from the United States Air Force.  Roughing it for us is if the batteries go dead on the TV remote.  Or, God forbid, we have to share a hotel room.

The backpack will be carried from the airport to the Airbnb property to the train, etc.  Here’s our itinerary:

Albuquerque to Paris – Plane
Paris to Amsterdam – Train
Amsterdam to Berlin – Train
Berlin to Prague – Train
Prague to Venice – Plane
Venice to Rome – Train
Rome to Barcelona – Plane
Barcelona to Lisbon, Madeira, Rio de Janiero and Sao Paulo – Cruise Ship
Sao Paulo – Rio de Janiero – Unknown at this time (Automobile? Bus? Plane?)
Rio de Janiero to Albuquerque – Plane

Simple right?  I think the adventure of getting from A to B, C, D etc is going to be a lot of the fun.  And this won’t be like a lot of the other vacations since we won’t really be in a big hurry to see everything.  I’ll be done working and will be able to relax and enjoy this.

Hopefully it doesn’t end up like John Candy and Steve Martin with a burning car on the side of the road.  Hahaha.

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